Clinton’s Election to Lose

Presidential elections are widely believed to be a battle of ideas between two equal candidates for control over the most powerful nation on the planet, and for the most part, they are. For this election, however, this is not the case. For democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, the deck is heavily stacked in her favor.

As John Cassidy explains in his article for The New Yorker, in nearly every poll forecast, Clinton holds the lead over her Republican counterpart, Donald Trump, but her grip on the voters is slipping. The cause of the gap decrease between Clinton and Trump could be for a number of reasons but two stand out, one being the bad press that Clinton has received over her email scandal, and the second being just a natural resettling to numbers prior to the Democratic National Convention. Despite her falling numbers, she remains ahead of Trump in most polls.

In terms of character, many people just like Clinton more than Trump. Actually, it could be better said that they dislike her less than Trump. According to Huffington Post’s favorability polls, which rates a candidate’s favorability by adding up the percentage of people who view the candidate favorably with the percent that do not, Trump is viewed as +20 unfavorable, while Clinton is only +14 unfavorable. While the difference is not small, it certainly is enough to make a difference.

Finally, Clinton holds an advantage in states with a high number of electoral votes. In predicted electoral votes, she holds the clear advantage with 244 electoral votes leaning in her direction.election-and-tossup The few things Hillary Clinton is required to do are maintain current numbers and win a tossup state or two, and the presidency is as good as hers. If she’s lucky, Trump could make it easy for her with some of his classic blunders.


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