The First Presidential Debate of 2016

The race for the White House continues and its as fiery as its ever been. The two front runners, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton finally stood face to face and dueled in the public arena of ideas. On last Monday night, we had the pleasure of witnessing the first of three debates to help decide the President for 2016.

Unfortunately, when I say pleasure, I’m actually being facetious. This debate was a joke, full of bickering and childishness usually reserved for school ground arguments, not for people attempting to gain the highest power in the land. While I’m not pleased with the antics on display at this debate, I still have to live with it, so I may as well address their points.

Donald Trump, as usual, was wrong about many of the things that he spoke about, but I wanted to focus on his statements about Ford. He used the auto company as an example of companies outsourcing to other countries, and in that, he’s not wrong. Ford indeed is moving its small cars division to Mexico, but it’s not to the detriment of the U.S. workers. Their factories in Michigan is simply shifting production.

Hillary Clinton is not devoid of error, either. It seems that our Democrat nominee enjoys attacking Trump over his support for the Iraq Invasion, despite the fact that he didn’t. While he certainly didn’t oppose the war before it began, even going as far as to hesitantly agree to it, following the invasion he took quite a bit of issue with it, mainly on the grounds of its economic impact. Plus, those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stone. Hillary Clinton also supported the war.

The main question of a debate, however, is who won? For me, it was Hillary Clinton. While I severely distrust both candidates, I can’t trust a candidate that doesn’t pay his taxes. Hillary dug in against Trump’s failure to produce his tax returns and when she accused him of not paying his income tax, he replied with “That makes me smart.” How can I trust a candidate to regulate taxes when he believes the best thing to do is not pay them? You certainly can’t balance a budget with no income.


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