The Vice Presidential Debate

The Vice Presidential Debate has come and gone and everybody has been talking about it. Running mate to Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Tim Kaine, running mate to Hillary Clinton, hashed it out before the nation, and it was, better? Watch for yourself and be the judge.

I, for one, thought it was a much needed improvement from what we saw with the First Presidential Debate for 2016. While the interruption count for this debate was just as high, if not higher, the interruptions were less over bickering and more for attempting to correct the other candidate, or keep them from spreading a false narrative. Many say that, due to his calm demeanor and Kaine’s erratic behavior, Mike Pence won the debate. I would disagree. While this may be the result of the fact that I didn’t watch the debate and instead listened to it, I thought that Kaine’s interruptions were more as a result of eagerness to address the issues instead of just interrupting Pence for the sake of interrupting.

I would also give the debate to Kaine, because Pence seemed extremely eager to not answer questions, especially regarding his running mate, Donald Trump. Sure, Pence had the appearance of the stoic leader, but the questions leveled at Kaine gave him the appearance of a knowledgeable leader, rather than someone who just said what you wanted to hear.

Finally, can we stop talking about the economy? I’m tired of hearing that the economy is in the toilet, or that we’re worse off than we’ve ever been. That’s a lie. Quit spreading fear, Mike Pence. We’re better off than we have been in the past ten years, arguably better than we’ve ever been. If you don’t believe me, you can talk to the fact-checkers.


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