Post-Mortem Election Analysis

Well, it’s happened. Donald J. Trump has won the election. All hail the God Emperor!


But in all seriousness, it was a hard-fought race, and Donald Trump came out on top. I can’t help but be disappointed. I have been following the electing projection at, and I thought that Hillary Clinton a clear lead in the election. Even at places such as and, the poll projections showed the election leaning heavily in Clinton’s favor. Perhaps this is the media bias the entire Trump campaign was talking about.  This was an upset, and it happened for a reason. Well, actually, there are two. First off, Trump was not taken seriously, and secondly, this is a backlash against the extremely politically correct progressive culture.

Trump has been the underdog since the beginning. Nobody thought he would win the Republican nomination, and certainly nobody believed that he would become president. This let Trump fly under the radar. His message about aiming to help the poor working class won him the popular vote in states that mattered, such as Florida, Michigan, and, most shockingly, Pennsylvania, while also allowing him to be underestimated by nearly every form of mainstream media.

In addition, his brashness was his strength. Despite the media backlash against much of Trump’s misconduct, this has actually become one of his defining features. Trump’s disregard for political correctness resonates with many Americans, but none more so than the white working class. These people are tired of being told that they’re privileged, while at the same time they’re more downtrodden than they’ve ever been. For the most part, it a rural resentment against what they perceive to be the “big city elite.” They resent people who work at a desk all day while they break their backs in manual labor jobs, while at the same time, insults such as racist and bigot are thrown at them simply for expressing their opinions. For these people, Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air.


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